How do my home's air ducts get dirty in the first place?

Air ducts are just like the respiratory system of a human body. Air circulates in your house or business through the hidden air ducts. The air conditioning system pumps up the hot air heated up in the furnace in winter time and the cold air generated by the cooling device in summer time, sending air to the vents around the house. When the air conditioning system is running, contaminants like dust, pollen, pet hair and animal dander are brought into the system through the return air vents. They get deposited in the air ducts. Vents on the floor level are inevitably laden with dirt and mud, brought in from the house doors or just from your indoor plants. These contaminants will eventually enter the air ducts in which they produce mildews and germs that can jeopardize your health. Since ordinary cleaning is not able to reach the very deep inside of the air ducts, only professionals with special machines can help you thoroughly clean up the air conditioning system.

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