Furnace & Duct Cleaning Regina

Expert-Vac Services is a name you can trust, with over 50 years of experience serving Regina & surrounding area. We stand by our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

We a local, family owned, owner operated furnace & duct cleaning company in Regina, not a national licensee or sub-contractor.

We ensure the cleanest, safest indoor environment for your family or business with award winning professional furnace cleaning and duct cleaning.

Expert-Vac specializes in residential and commercial furnace cleaning, duct cleaning to improve your air quality.

When you contact Expert-Vac you can breath easy, knowing that you'll be visited by a well trained vac tech who will use state-of-the-art, properly maintained, truck-mounted furnace and duct cleaning equipment as well as an industry leading duct cleaning method to provide you with the most effective, safe and thorough furnace and duct cleaning experience ever.

You'll get a lot more than just great furnace & duct cleaning when you choose to use Expert-Vac Services. We promise that you'll get award winning, friendly & professional service too. From the first time you contact us to request a free furnace & duct cleaning quote, to our post-service follow up, we will work hard to make sure that your furnace cleaning experience is easy, convenient and tailored to fit your busy schedule. 

All work performed by Expert-Vac is backed by our Expert-Vac Services Satisfaction Guarantee.

Furnace & Duct Cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. 

Essential Part of Home Maintenance

Over the years dust, dirt, animal hair, mould, cold and flu viruses, and other contaminates can build up in your air ducts. Statistics have even shown that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outside air. In order to maintain your home’s air quality, Expert-Vac recommends furnace and duct cleaning regularly. It is an essential part of your home’s continuous maintenance.

Save Money & Stay Healthy

Benefits of furnace and air duct cleanings include healthier breathing air and higher efficiency from your heating and cooling unit. Removing the dirt, dust, and grime from your air ducts means your family won’t have to breathe air contaminated by a host of allergens and germs. Cleaned air ducts also help air flow, keeping your furnace from being overworked.